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“Despite fanciful tales of medieval kings and claims of ancient lineage, the continental pointing dog breeds are relatively recent creations — most of them are less than 150 years old, some are even younger than that.

One of the newest kids on the block is a grey wire-haired gundog from Slovakia. It is the culmination of an effort, begun in the early 1950s, to combine three well-regarded and established breeds in order to come up with something greater than the sum of its parts”.         

 Craig Koshyk author of Pointing Dogs, ‘The Continentals’

The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club 

Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer at Crufts

Congratulations to Lynda and Jakub on Best Import Register at Crufts 2023, a first for Slovaks!

Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer in the field
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