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Gundog Work


Our Mission Statement


'The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club are dedicated to promoting the breed as a Working Gundog'.


Our most most popular event in the calendar is the Club's annual (GWT) Gundog Working Test.  However we provide varying levels of training and related field events throughout the year, all of which give priority to club members and other owners of Slovaks and HPR's.













Dependant on ground, crops, birds and the good old British weather we aim to hold a gundog ‘shot over’ training day.  A super experience for learning how to work the wind, the macro and ground treatment as above, residual scent and false points, the steadiness on point, the flush and sit to shot followed of course with the ultimate retrieve.

At the end of every shooting season we have exclusive access to some fabulous shooting grounds holding steadiness training days running the dogs through the covers, which is excellent for steadiness, scenting and pointing ability.

In addition where possible, a Spring Pointing training day is on offer for those wanting that extra practice prior to entering a working test.

Later in the summer months a water training day is provided, catering for

non-swimmers, intermediate and those dogs who are experienced but

whose handlers wish to brush up on their skills. 

Somewhere in between we have held tracking and some great retrieving days. 

All our training days are accompanied by experts in their field, experienced breed and HPR trainers together with Kennel Club approved Field Trial Panel judges.

These days are covered by the appropriate liability insurance with certified first and canine aiders, fire marshall's under strict health and safety guidelines with fire & risk assessments in place at each event. As normal, we are always looking for volunteers and stewards to help with dummy throwing and dummy launchers etc so if you fancy becoming an official volunteer please contact the secretary.



If you plan on undertaking any form of gundog training it is essential that you enlist the help and guidance of a specialist experienced HPR trainer.   This should be someone who appreciates and understands the working mind of an HPR gundog, who will be able to assist in unlocking the full potential of your Slovak as a working dog in the field.


The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club also run annual Gundog Working Tests for HPR’s and award special honours to Slovaks who successfully participate. For more information on working activities please contact the Working Secretary or the


Search for a Gundog Trainer in your area at 
Remember to check back regularly to our page when visiting the website.  

SRHP Working Gundog
SRHP in the field
Slovak Working Gundog
Working Gundog
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