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Working Tests

History of the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer 

The SRHP Gundog Working Test

HPR Gundog Working Tests are designed to assess the working abilities of the many different breeds of gundogs with levels to suit all ranging from Puppy, Novice, Open and often a Special Beginners or Novice Dog/Novice Handler class for the least experienced is usually provided. These tests mimic shooting day conditions without any actual game being shot. Dummy launchers, thrown and hidden canvas dummies are used instead of live birds along with pistol shot, imitation elasticated running rabbits, flying and water line birds are often used as a distraction for dogs returning with a retrieve.  A good pattern of hunting, direction work and the use of wind is also a part of the test for the more experienced along with water retrieves.  Judged by recognised people in the field and at least one KC FT A Panel Judge is appointed.  They are very popular events and usually well attended by the gundog fraternity who are always keen to test their training skills making for happy dogs and handlers. 


If you plan on undertaking any form of gundog training it is essential that you enlist the help and guidance of a specialist experienced HPR trainer.   This should be someone who appreciates and understands the working mind of an HPR gundog, who will be able to assist in unlocking the full potential of your Slovak as a working dog in the field.


The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club also run annual Gundog Working Tests for HPR’s and award special honours to Slovaks who successfully participate. For more information on working activities please contact the Working Secretary or the Kennel Club at


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Field Trial Regulations

View the Field Trial Regulations (including Gundog Working Tests) 2024 HERE.

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