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Breed Health 

Breed Health


Current health reports are less than 3% of the breed total and to date the Kennel Club has no points of concern specific to this breed that have been identified for special attention by judges, other than those covered routinely by the Kennel Club Breed Standard. 

As many conditions are not noticed until a puppy matures it is strongly recommended that all Breeders endorse the Kennel Club Registration of their puppies (R) Progeny Not Eligible For Registration to ensure BVA KC Hip Scoring and an overall assessment of confirmation and temperament has been undertaken.

To date all stock that have been BVA KC x-rayed for Hip Dysplasia have produced scores ranging between 2/2 = 4 and 14/15 = 29 making the current breed average of 10.

Breed Health and Conservation Plan; (update July 2020)

The SRHP Club and our Breed Health Coordinator have been working closely with the Kennel Club to collate the following Breed Health and Conservation Plan.  This is the first public version and will be updated periodically as the breed and statistics dictate.



In 2009 the Kennel Club asked all registered single breed clubs to appoint a Breed Health Coordinator in order to help monitor and advise them of any health problems which may be occurring within their breed.  The role of the Breed Health Coordinator is simply to facilitate health information to the Kennel Club. 


In 2023 the Kennel Club asked that all Breed Health Coordintors held a three year term.

Coordinators are committee members and volunteers, not canine or breed health experts, health issues or concerns should not be raised with them as individuals.  Information is collated by way of health surveys completed voluntarily and submitted on this site by owners, members and breeders alike.

The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club has created a short survey for anyone to complete and you do not have to be a Club member to do so.  All completed surveys are treated in the strictest of confidence and is shared with the Kennel Club as officially requested. 

It is vital to monitor health trends within any breed.  If undesirable reoccurrences do emerge which become a greater cause for concern, then the Kennel Club's geneticists can work to find a solution and control or eradicate it.  This may result in creating a new DNA sampling health test for example.  The Kennel Club constantly reviews DNA testing schemes in conjunction with breed clubs to ensure that breeders are supported with the necessary resources which help them to make responsible future breeding decisions.

If you do not wish the information you submit shared please inform us using the last box and refer to our GDPR Privacy Policy 6.1.3

Whilst the survey is mainly for health issues the last question is also about anything you would like to tell us about or suggestions which you may have for the Club.  We value your input but please remember that we are limited in what we can do or achieve and may not be able to respond to everything.

The Club would like to invite anyone who has had any health issues with their SRHP to submit their survey here or by post to our nominated Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact our Breed Health Coordinator.

The health survey that can be accessed here: General Health Survey

We also have a specific coat/skin survey: Skin Survey

“How long do they live for?” Is a question the Club are frequently asked at Discover Dogs, Game Fairs or as a general enquiry.  As a result, the committee have commissioned our breed health coordinator to create a survey into our breeds’ longevity as many of our pensionable Slovaks have passed over rainbow bridge during the last couple of years.

As devastating as it is for anyone losing their beloved dog please complete this quick survey. You do not have to be a member in order to do so.   How long do they live for Survey



Laboklin veterinary laboratory provides a complete range of diagnostic tests to help breeders, to test your dog they need a DNA sample, which can be collected using simple mouth swabs or a blood sample collected by the vet. Both buccal swabs and blood tubes are available from them free of charge.
Laboklin offers DNA tests for coat (hair) length and coat colours in dogs. Click here to find out more



As a result of our Survey's we have received a small number of reported cases of Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE).  Following many different neurological tests, no known cause for these seizures can be found. IE is an extremely complex condition and research is currently taking place across the world into its origin and whether or not it is a proven hereditary condition.  As yet there are no definitive answers.

The committee understand that this is a stressful condition for both owners and dogs and offer support in any way we can. We are constantly on the alert for any research or help being offered to owners of dogs suffering with IE.


The Kennel Club - Dog Health

View The Kennel Club Breed Health and Conservation Plan for the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer HERE.


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