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Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

Since the breed was first introduced to the UK in the early 1990's there have been 450 dogs registered with the Kennel Club. The Club believe it is vital that we maintain the breed as a 'fit for purpose' gundog so work closely with breeders and owners to identify any possible genetic issues which may occur.

To date, there has been nothing attributed to a genetic pattern and currently no points of concern specific to this breed have been identified by the Kennel Club for special attention by judges, other than those covered routinely by the Kennel Club Breed Standard.

All owners are actively encouraged to submit a Health Form to the Club Health Coordinator if their Slovak has a health problem no matter how minor or major. All completed health forms are submitted to the Kennel Club who monitor the reports. In addition, the Club maintains statistics and can advise that of the 450 dogs registered there are currently 2-3% of dogs with reported conditions.

The Club advises all potential owners to only purchase a puppy from a breeder who is a member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

CoI 10%                     Hip Score 10

What do these values mean?


nine anatomical features of the hip and score each hip out of a total of 53. The two hip scores are then added together to give the dog's overall hip score. So, a dog's hip score can range from 0 - 106, and the lower the hip score the better the anatomy of the dog's hips.

Have you recently had your Slovakian hip scored? The breed health coordinator is collating a list of current hip scores on behalf of the Club, so please contact them so that we can keep up to date on this valuable information.

This is taken from the KC Mate Select site here.   

There is also the KC Breed Information Centre page here.

Who are you calling fat?

Here’s a handy guide to gauging the weight of your dog:

Health Reports

Breed Health Coordinator

In 2009 the Kennel Club asked all breed clubs to appoint a single Breed Health Coordinator in order to help monitor and advise them of any health problems within their Breed. The role of the Health Coordinator is to facilitate health information to and from the Kennel Club about that Breed.

The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club would like to invite anyone who has had any health issues with their SRHP to send their reports concerning their dog to Tania Dynowska who has been appointed the Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator for our Club.

Health Survey

In order to help us gain a complete picture of the breed please fill out this short Health Survey - please note this is for healthy dogs as well.